We are now fully open for business from Monday to Wednesday 8am-3pm, Thursday to Sunday 8am-4pm. 

Delicatessen Fish

How do you meld the flavors and memories of your childhood with new traditions and changing food preferences of today?  That’s what we do here at Kaufman’s.

The fish counter boasts 4 types of lox, house-smoked sable, trout, sturgeon and gefilte fish like Grandma made.  The corned beef comes in 4 different cuts depending on your cholesterol level, and the turkey and veal pastrami are cured and smoked in-house. 

Delicatessen Fish 2


 We still use chicken schmaltz in several of our dishes but we add no preservatives to our home made items. We still make our own knishes and kreplach.  For those who are looking for a slightly lower calorie option, these days you’ll find kale, brown rice, and butternut squash sitting right next to the corned beef hash and salmon patties.  

If it’s on our deli counter – you know it’s good!

 Corned Beef


Homemade Salads:  Chicken, Egg, Tuna,
Egg White, Whitefish, Salmon

Homemade Sides – Savory:  Fatouche, Lentil,
Couscous, Kale, Cole Slaw, 4-Bean, Pasta, 
Hummos, Potato Pancakes, Knishes, Kasha &
Varnishkas, Veggie Pancakes, Kreplach

Homemade Sides – Sweet: Noodle Kugel,
Bread Pudding, Blintzes, Tzimmes

Homemade Dinners:  Chicken Paprikash,
Sweet & Sour Meatballs, Stuffed Cabbage,
Hungarian Goulash, Stuffed Peppers, Lamb Stew,
Pot Pies

Cured & Smoked In-House: Sable, Whitefish,
Turkey Breast, Veal Pastrami, Sturgeon, Trout

Homemade Odds & Ends:  Chopped Liver
(Chicken or Beef), B-B-Q Beef, Brisket, Gefilte
Fish, Reuben Strudel, Turkey Loaf,
Spinach Ruggalach, Corned Beef Hash, Chili

Homemade Soups:  Chicken, Vegetable, Lentil,
Navy Bean, Potato, Cream Of Broccoli,
Mushroom Barley, Split Pea, Cabbage,
Broccoli Cheddar, Lemongrass & Squash,
Matzoh Ball, Mish Mosh, Vegetable Beef


Homemade Sides


Turkey Loaf