A Bakery Story

A Bakery Story


We are now fully open for business from Monday to Wednesday 8am-3pm, Thursday to  Sunday 8am-4pm. 

I am a bakery baby… what does that mean? Well, to some it means I have flour running through my veins – after 4 generations I’m beginning to think there’s some truth to that. To others it means I am used to the phone ringing at all hours of the day and night – and very early mornings.  And to others it means dealing with the pressure of manufacturing and
delivering a perishable product, coping with the whims of nature during the growing season, (not to mention those commodity traders who wreak their own havoc on the flour market).  Some even think it’s the frustration of being part of an industry that has become a job rather than what it once was – a craft, a trade, a métier.

But to me it means something different.  To me bakery is a passion and an art; it is working in an environment full of creativity.  Bread and sweet goods are part of everyone’s world.  As a child in this business I found magic in every corner of the bakery.  I mean seriously – imagine a machine that just keeps pumping out butter cream frosting or hot donuts; walking the 80 foot length of an oven with windows watching the bread grow and become golden brown, or watching 800 lbs. of dough smelling wonderfully of caraway turned out of a mixer…  Luckily I still find it magical today.

At Kaufman’s we use no preservatives, chemicals or additives in our bakery – only the finest ingredients; whole eggs, chocolate, real vanilla, sour cream, cream cheese, whole grains and, of course, butter.  Our specialties include the artisan breads of Eastern Europe – those heavy, dense ryes and pumpernickels with a wonderfully fermented flavor; bagels made the traditional way – boiled and hearth baked for a great crust and chewy interior.  And our sweet shop –well, there isn’t enough room on the page for everything we create there.

In the end, we’re simply bakers who find joy in what we do and who make outstanding products – there’s a little bit of our heart in every piece.  We are a quality house.  Always have been.  Always will be…  After all, I have over 100 years of family history to protect.



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